Instrumentation and Automation

In this weblog I want to share all my knowledge and experience regarding my professional skill in Instrumentation and Automation. I want also anybody who visit my pages will share their knowledge, skill and experience in this engineering field.

Nobody expert in this instrumentation and automation. Eventhough somebody said that he has experience since 70’s working at instrumentation and automation, but it is not a guarantee that he understood 90’s instrumentation and automation technology, if he closed his eyes and did not want to upgrade his knowledge and skill about sophisticated technology.


4 Responses

  1. iam new on this field..i have planned my self to become expert on it. currently iam learning of ovation from emerson applicated to our new CCPP at Cikarang Listrindo power plant. thanks u in deep for all knowledge youve been shared. iam always wating for ur briliant idea

  2. i like this blog.. sangat membantu.. saya sedang mencaoba mendalami lagi instrumentasi..^^

  3. Awaiting new article…..

  4. Selamat siang pak,

    saya dari jur T.Elektro konsentrasi Arus lemah,
    tp saya ingin seklai belajr dan memperdalam ilmu instrumentasi,

    untuk pemula seperti saya,
    apa yang terlebih dahulu yang haris saya pelajari,

    mohon bimbingannya Pak,


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