Flawless Start-Up / Fault Free Start-Up Initiative

Flawless Start-Up or Fault Free Start-Up is an implemented method or program during the engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning phase of oil and gas facility with future view on start-up consideration to reduce fault possibility during the Start-Up stage. Start-Up has a single general meaning which is activity to start the plant / facility ON, make it LIVE. In common EPCI project, start-up will be the last activity need to do: Engineering-Procurement-Construction-Commissioning-Start Up. Start-up could not be understood as “memulai kerja” like start-up welding machine in the morning or start-up air compressor in the fabriaction or any activity on the construction area or fabrication yard. It is definitely not that means. Start-Up is a solely term for the last stage in the EPCI oil and gas project. 

When the start-up activity commenced you don’t want to get disasters such valves leaking or passing, get flanges joint leaking because damaged flange faces, get clogging on hydraulic lines, etc. If you got it, It’s a disaster. You have a very-very tight time constraint to overcome all these issue or in another word you can say you have no time to deal with that. All these start-up experienced and potensial problem shall be mitigated and removed early during engineering, procurement, and construction phase. The flawless start-up lesson learned shall be identified and logged from variouse project start-up experience. After identification, mitigation, and action plan need to do on the all project stage.

As construction is the longest stage, then the dedicated personnel shall look after every single action need to do in FSU or FSI programs with start-up concern. It should not only become the secondary concern of the construction group. The cost spending for this FSU and FSI group is much lower rather than to stand-by start-up group because of let say waiting replacement of valves leaking or failure of the equipment. And the worse, the pinalty of delivery failure of first oil and gas to customer because postponed start-up is hell in the world.

I was explained by a gentleman from a client (a FSU Manager) how important this FSU program. If the start-up experienced problem was identified because of problem on the engineering design, then during the engineering for the next project all the items need to do to avoid the same thing happened shall be implemented and monitored. If the deviation on the engineering was ignored, then it will become bigger and bigger during construction and commissioning. The same thing will be in the construction, it could not be ignored. The focus of the construction group is constructibilty, how to build it on schedule and on budget. And the lesson learned of construction group is not about start-up but still about constructibility. They do not think about start-up, trust me. This is what the reason FSU or FSI dedicated person shall be assigned to implement and to monitor what is the concern on start-up.

The compilation of lesson learned during the start-up shall be accomodated on the specification for construction. It could be quality issue or preservation issue. Let say during previouse start-up the client experienced on the remachining of numerous flange faces. It will give massive impact on schedule and cost during start-up. That’s why the detail requirement of flange handling including protection and handling during the storage and construction shall be clearly stated on the specification, how to implement it and how to monitor it. The FSU dedicated personnel will have more focus on this issue rather than give issue to construction group which are already have too much work load. Another example let say during previouse experience you got hydraulic connection leaking on the start-up because of over tightening of the instrument fitting. To avoid this then FSU personnel shall implement regular program to train the instrument fitters, to remind them, and to ensure the QC check the fitting carefully by gap gauge, etc. Instrument fitters who failed doing correct tightening shall not be considered doing this job. 

Anything previously happened and petonsially happen during start-up should be strictly managed to develope tactical plan response, implement, and monitor during construction. FSU Induction of all workers involved in the project is the mandatory initial step to avoid fault during start-up as an awareness. The dedicated personnel shall be assigned to manage the start-up issue since engineering, procurement, and construction.

Jadi Flawless Start-Up atau Fault Free Start-Up adalah program yang diimplementasikan pada saat engineering-procuremenet-construction-commissioning untuk menjamin suksesnya kegiatan start-up. Dilakukan dengan cara memonitor secara ketat hal-hal yang potensial mengganggu start-up tetapi tidak mendapat porsi perhatian memadai dalam setiap stage EPCI.

Nova Kurniawan


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