Electrical Offshore Construction: 80% Geometry, 20% Electricity

As I always say in my previous note in this blog that I don’t have electrical power engineering education background. I just have little bit ohm law knowledge including 4-20 mA, 24 VDC to support the instrumentation engineering knowledge.However when I was parachuted to jump on electrical jungle during the D-Day of construction stage then so I made conclusion that electrical construction will consume 80% of my time in Geometry, and optimistically only 20% on electricity.

Last week was the first time since I started my career 9 years ago, I draw a perpendicular triangle and apply phytagoras concept on triangle to help the electrician fitter to define the length of triangle side support. The bad news was I was fault because I did not consider the thickness of steel because during my high school a triangle was just a line without thickness. Oh..dear. Weeks previously was more funny when we discussed and aligned between cable ladder vendor, insulation sleeve material vendor, size of the drilling tools available on the site, final painting thickness will be, to define how big the hole need to made in support to hold the bolts of cable ladders. There was no electricity at all.

Geometry is branch of mathematic concerning about shape, size, position, and space (wikipedia). And those are what construction is normally deal with. If you don’t have space for your cable and or clash your cable with piping or equipment then you need to find another space. This needs geometry smartness, not electricity smartness. In other cases if your holybook (reference) is lay out and general arrangement drawing of equipment then you are talking about position, this is a geometry also not even touching electricity.

What electricity smartness we may need during construction? Anything need your decision on construction with consideration to voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, inductance, phase, and frequency is considered electricity knowledge. If we don’t use that at all then I doubt will you get electricity knowledge.

When you are dealing with Ingress Protection what is your electricity smartness being used to decide whether you need IP 57 or IP 67 to apply on your equipment? The evaluation will go around sealing of the electrical enclosure apparatus. It will be about surrounding environment attitude. Is there any solid object at certain diameter e.g. dust, water drop, raining, immersed, etc that will enter your enclosure and will short your circuit?. Giving so much time evaluate surrounding hazard make us realize that electricity knowledge is very less on this subject. Then the question will be: Are the non-electrical educated persons going to able to learn about IP during electrical construction? Yes they are on this topic. But they even did not touch electrical knowledge what first year of electrical engineering student studies.

Today 14-Jun-13 I spend my whole day on the follow issue: first convince the designer that there is no pipe with 150mm OD available in the market, second searching 6″ pipe around the facility as I don’t have 6″ pipe (they just change the drawing because the bracket hole from the vendor is just suitable for 6″ pipe), asking the changing of support material channel to designer as what they designed on drawing is not available on the market. No additional electrical knowledge at all today. Geometry of pipe dimension is for sure will be my addition knowledge today, not even single electricity donuts. If you choose 5″ pipe sch 40 then you will have 141.3mm OD,  if you choose 6″ pipe sch 40 then you will have 168.3mm OD, then how if your designer wants pipe with 150 mm OD just for support? it’s in between 5″ pipe and 6″ pipe Nominal Dimension. Do you need special order to pipe manufacture? I don’t think electrical engineer shall spend so much time about support dimension which is not easy to get. It’s a peanut!!

Nova Kurniawan


7 Responses

  1. pekerjaan besar pertama saya sebagai electrical production McD di project FPSO Belanak COPI 2003 adalah ngurusin cable ladder support nov .. tanpa progress support ini progress electrical selanjutnya dijamin bakal molor … harus minta sama piping engineer karena support ini under mereka … celakanya mereka merasa ini hanya prioritas mereka nomor sekian .. 😦 akhirnya kami ambil alih dan kejar2 sub cont yang urus support ini dan juga minta bantuan structure engineer/supv. untuk di fabricate di shop mereka ..

  2. Sekarang supportnya Piping yang carbon untuk sementara under Shop Electric….nah kebalik kannnn. Shop piping lagi sibuk jd di take over electric.
    Eh Jun, gw lagi berbalas pantun ama Ajeng (bos detailing), masa untuk ngrubah drawing support channel electric dari size A ke size B dia tak mau kalau keputusan dari gw sendiri, harus approval TQ dr client. GW kan malu nge-TQ support ginian hahaha…

  3. I like the helpful information you provide in your articles.
    I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I’m quite certain I’ll learn many new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

  4. Dan berdasar artikel yang Bapak tulis, semua ilmu dapat dipelajari saat kita terjun langsung ke bidangnya ya Pak, tidak selalu harus mendapat teorinya dan segala turunannya??
    -mahasiswa yang baru mau masuk ke dunia kerja-

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