Measure Nozzle Orientation

It was a long time back story which still remain in my mind now because it was a mistake.

We had a task from our superior to evaluate and As-Built Wellhead chrismass tree orientation. We mean I and My Piping Counterpart. My task was simply because only to capture hydraulic tubing tapping point connection for Sub-Surface Safety Valve, Master Valve, and Wing Valve. I did not think it too much because I knew even I did not get exact degree tapping orientation I would be still going to able to do offset and bend the tubing to catch the tapping orientation on-site later by field run during next Hook Up campaign. This was an easy task, I just brought Measuring Tape and Camera with me. I just plan to draw a rough sketch where the tubing would be run and connected. Is it North-East, North-West,….etc? No detail degree orientation.

When I was ready to fly by chooper in the early morning, I got news that my piping counterpart did not able to go because he did not pass medical examination. And there was a dicision from Superior that I would the only one will go offshore and capture up-date or as-built piping scope Nozzle Orientation of Wellhead after drilling completion. I said that I only have Measuring Tape and Camera, how could I do that? They said…Just make many Photos of the Wellhead.

Then the story was a fail story of Measuring degree of Nozzle orientation. The actual nozzle direction of total 7 wellhead was varying any direction. Taking zero degree of Platform North and measure deviation againts zero by Measuring Tape was still not help designer much to get clear picture where was the exact orientation of the Nozzles. Many Photos, many measurement did not help much.

When I arrived back onshore somebody told me that on the certain standard pipe size (2″,3″,4″,6″,etc….) and schedule of piping (Std, Sch 80, etc…), all piping fitters know total round circle of pipes (circumference of circle). To determine the degree orientation on the pipe they just playing Measuring Tape. For example to determine 30 degree againts north zero hence (30/360) x Circumference of circle = They will get distance n mm againts zero in corresponding with 30 degree. On the other things to get a degree orientation by Measuring Tape is (distance from north zero to meaaured orientation degree / Total Circumference of circle piping round) x 360 degree. They Will get n degree Nozzle orientation againts zero.

Unfortunately Wellhead was not a piping with certain size and schedule and unlucky I did not measure the circumference of Wellhead circle. That was why the photos told nothing.

Sometimes people need to commit a memorable mistake to get a lesson learned.

Is there any other suggestion measure degree circular orientation by Measuring Tape only?

Batam, 12 Apr 2018

Nova Kurniawan